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tv   Inside Story  ABC  October 5, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> i'm monica malpass charges are planned against the first ebola patient in the u.s., how do we stop the spread of ebola and the panic around it? let's get the inside story. good morning, and welcome to inside story, i'm monica malpass. let's meet our insiders, georgee burrell, jan ting, and raju, someone from liberia flew in from the airlines and got checked out on the questionnaire there is an issue whether he knew he had ebola at that point.
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he went through outline the checks we have in place and still developed ebola and was hospitalized and supposing himself to 100 people at least, including five children in his own family. many things you can go back and look at if you're in the cdc, how do we stop the spread of this ebola people are panicking, if can get through. >> the government is trying to control the panic. there's a lot of things disturbing. the liberian spokesman said duncan will be prosecuted for lying on the form. meanwhile, we're telling everyone, the procedures are in place to stop people from getting on airports who are carrying ebola. well, that procedure didn't work very well. a lot of organizations on the ground save the children have been saying there's been massive
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under reporting of the seriousness of the epidemic, because many are dieing in their homes. the american, british and french governments have said they were going to step in. if there was somebody on the ground we would see pictures. >> is it time for the u.s.-based airlines to say we're not picking up from those countries, sierra leone and liberia? africa and other cases are cutting back on flights from the two countries. >> they are going to fly in on more limited schedule. i don't think that's solution people about still get in and there's less studying and testing of them. there are two problems, one, what we see in america is people don't want their movements restricted, so these people who are potentially sick are uniquing out from the hotel or
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houses where they are staying. i think you have to concentrate on sierra leone and nigeria and liberia. if you don't control it there, it will creep out into the rest of the world. >> in the last year, 27,000 people did come from those countries, we're talk about a mass influx that people could be bringing that they have or don't know they have. >> there's one doctor for every 27,000 residents in liberia. thank goodness for the people in america with warm hearts who are going down there and taking a risk. we can't isolate africa. they will cease to exist. it's that tragic. what's scary, is the lack of communication. mr. duncan, said i'm sick i came from liberia, of course he was sick he was at the hospital.
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he told hospital staff allegedly twice and they did not act upon that message. they sent him mom with antibiotics. what are we doing with our healthcare system and government. now we're quarantining the folks from nbc news who were down there and the photo journalist. it's after the fact. >> producing more z-mac. is that enough? >> i think they will be prepared as the exponential growth continues to happen. they are quarantining if it is hartless quarantining those regions and making sure it's contained. i was thinking about the guy who invented which he is, -- chess, the emperor said what would you
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like for your reward. give me a grain of rails for all the boxes -- rice for all the boxes on the board. he would have had enough rice to bankrupt all governments. that's the exponential power of it if you don't contain it. 5200 deaths means a worldwide epidemic. >> kids impacted their children at their school. it's scary, because children do touch each other's mouths and get saliva or other bodily fluids. >> our own cdc issued an estimate, the worst case scenario could be 1.4 million case by january. if they don't succeed in controlling this that could be what we're facing.
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let's go on to the secret service there's a philadelphia connection to the director whose replacing julia pierson who resign, she took a lot of heat after a person got into the white house. someone armed a security guard was right there next to the president in an elevator in atlanta, acting odd and taking photos and being unprofessional as people in the secret service would have behaved. it now has the president worried for his own family safety. >> number one it's harold to conclude that she was incompetent as a secret service agent she has been doing it for 30 years. she is incompetent as a leader. we attribute elite state --
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status to things in our county. the jet serve criminals deals with much -- secret service deals with much greater pressure in protecting the president. the gentleman coming in from comcast there's high praise for him, the comcast folks we would love to have him back, he has experience directly with the president. i think what we've heard said and written is that there had a to be systemic changes to the secret service if it's going to become the elite intent we need to protect our president. i really don't thing it's a group of people who don't care about this president. i don't think that. >> in fact she came in pierson18 months ago when there was a different scandal, prostitution with the secret
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service on duty. she had to come in and clean up a mess. there was another mess, ajay. >> she came in when the system was broken and had to fix, two years later we realized system is still broken. when you have homeland security subpoena -- supplementing protection for the president there's an issue with leadership. >> do we need a new system? >> i think the idea that you can't fix on add paradigm instead build a new paradigm so the old one becomes obsolete that's not the way to go here. we have an institution that worked in the past. >> i wrote two years ago on the blog there's a cultural problem at the secret service, you need to have someone from the military take command of this organization, now i think that's not enough. the problem is deeply cultural, these people are civil service
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people they have these enormous responsibilities, but they function like a civil service bureaucracy. the solution, i don't think it's going to happen because it's too difficult. you need to get rid of the secret service and put presidential protection under a military organization. the organization needs are a military command so you can move people around as necessary and reassign them. >> the civil aspect of it makes it have a lacks nature. >> all the people who were caught in the prostitution scandal are basically still there. even the ones who were removed appealed their removal and fought their way back in. there's too much civil service protection for people in this important command. i think it needs to be subjected to the military. the president is in the an awkward position, he depends on these people on a daily basis. >> the one intruder not only got to the east wink, he got
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to -- east wing, he got to the door of the family residence. the civil service rules may noticed tube change. the cultural issues that impact the secret service impact the military, also. there needs to be stricter discipline, stricter control, but i'm not sure moving it to the military resolves that problem. >> keep ran eye on that. let's talk about the second gubernatorial debate on the radio. the two to toms, tom corbett, tm wolf talked about economics and education. are corbett criticized wolf you're not telling us where the money is coming from. in the end, though, with their
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some pot shots fired over the scandals in harrisburg. tom wolf received criticism deservedly. he went after corbett and played offense this time specifically as it relates to the culture in his office when he was the attorney general. there's the exchange of pornographic e-mails that we are learning about more and more each day and put corbett on the defense. >> corbett defended saying there would have been x to pay, i won't say the word. the one area where corbett if there's an opportunity to make way, attacking wolf on the specifics, if you're going to raise taxes, if it's a family that makes 07,000, 90,000 a
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year, that's middle class for families who have children and sending them to higher education. this debate, wolf did a better job of evening things up. >> some of the polls it depends on the undecided and turnout clearly. is it the momentum is not going to be switch around. >> some has to happen. ask the question what is upper class, what is middle class. 2013, the census bureau says 50% of americans make less, 50% of americans make more. whalings the middle class, 150,000? you're top ten%. is it 200,000, you're in the top five percent. when you say with you're going to tax wealthy pennsylvanians, i
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think if we grill, if corbett administration grills that a little more, it's a closer race. the lead is so vast, i think something drastic has to happen. >> i agree, i think the lead is so dramatic, i've brn saying for a while, this race is over. corbett is saying it's not my fault that the schools are in terrible shape the stimulus money went away. the problem is, you were going to make education the centerpiece of your administration. it was your responsibility torched -- to finds a way to help the schools. you may not like tom wolf's way to raise taxes on the marcellus
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shale. that's what people are looking for. >> let's talk about the revel casino. there's a glimmer of hope. new bird -- bidder placed a bid on revel. it's a company out of canada that owns several major props, hard rock hotel and cafe. they could make it work and rehire workers, the state has spent zillions trying to make revel work when it was a game change for the life arena heart of that city, now that money is gone, how do you get the state money that was spent. >> one you have to transform atlantic city from not being a gambling destination but a lifestyle destination, it accounts for less than one percent of convention business. 25% of the gambling revenues in
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vegas versus 70% in gambling in atlantic city. if revel is the only hope for gambling, then i think we're patching up the leaky roof. >> i think, look the state money is lost, it was a risk that was taken and that's gone, but it's important that revel gets saved and it does create the jobs, maybe not the same number of jobs, but i think in my community, there's concern that governor christie hasn't taken the same kind of attack that the president took for investing in is a -- solendra, that money is gone, i believe governments have to invest in economic development. governor rendell did it successfully in pennsylvania. it's one of the criticisms people made of governor corbett. it was a reasonable decision for
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the governor at a point in time when they needed to change the gaming in atlantic city. >> you dispense medicine to sick people not to people who don't need it. >> we'll return after this, stick around.
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>> welcome back to inside
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story, philadelphia the largest city in america to decriminalize the use of small amounts of pot. the mayor said for years he wouldn't do this, but had a change of heart. this appears it would be helpful declogging the courts and not having criminal records for people with minor convictions. do you think it's a good thing or open door to the next and next problem. >> it's good for decriminalizing for people having records for large amounts of marijuana. i think it's indicative, the world as i saw it when i was a kid and the world today is different. this is ad evidence that the world that our children will grow up in it will be dramatically different. >> more lacks? >> reporter: is that good or bad? >> that would be for them to go
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foirg -- figure out. who ever thought tattoos would have acceptance in our society. >> i feel like reminding people selling will be a crime in philadelphia and possession of too much is still going to be a serious offense in philadelphia. so they should not get carried away. i think the mayor is in tune with the times. he modified his possession position on this, i think he is trying to leave a legacy he did do same things, he got the contract signed with district council 33 and other kind of things he can point to on his way out. what about state law? that's not changing it's a question, there's attorney general here and professor, it reminds me the different speed limits and cell phone. if you have marijuana and on the schuylkill expressway and in
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philadelphia and caught by a state policeman you're breaking state law. it gets messy. today we have a difference, it's city and state depends on who stops you, but i agree with jan in terms of giving credit and modifying. >> even a 20 dorm fine if it involves a non-citizen could result in the citizen being deported and they need to pay attention to that, because it's a controlled substance violation. let's talk about roger goodell, there's identical heat on the ray rice abuse case. he got a slap on the wrist, two game suspension, but got long term suspension when the video went viral of him hitting his now wife. the press has researched every case since he's been in office 8 years in that time there's been 50 cases against players and most got very minimal, if any
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penalty a one game suspension or two game at the most. only a couple of handful got serious treatment. even when there was serious injury involved. how do you think it will work out? >> he's given the spotlight, if you took that microscope and put it on the nhl or the nba or alcoa or coca-cola, or my firm, you may fine similar things. i think if the attention instead of just focusing on goodell whether he should be move or not is instead on 2.1 million americans who are subjected to reported cases 1.3 million tore women. if that's the culture we're trying to change meaning the next generation it becomings tabu to use physical force in
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the domestic setting that would be a goodbye product. >> the incident is for the nfl to take the leadership role and be the trendsetter here. >> in your introa monica, it oh, introa, monica, it only happen because of video. >> he just negotiated an extra half billion dollars for the nfl for their television contracts in the coming years and that's what owners are concerned about. >> you're a form are player, do you think there's any sight in end on the issue. >> if you looking at athletes i think you're right, whatever the athletic, it's an institution grounded in violence. to think they are not going to solve their problems in life. >> they have so much money, they will try to turn it around, the nfl is pointing out the incidents of violence is lower
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than in society as a whole. >> we'll have to leave it there. >> inside stories of the week coming up next.
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>> time for inside stories of the week, let's start with jeff. >> reporter: unfortunately my inside story is a thumbs down to goddard college, it's student body invited convicted police killer, mumia abu-jamal to be the graduation speaker. it brings up a sorted charmter in philadelphia history and rubs salt in a heavy wound. >> right for philadelphians. >> let's take moments to
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congratulate the law firm of morgan louis. the first woman to head the law firm it's a firm of 14 or 1500 lawyers it will be over two thousand, congratulations to the firm and good luck to her. my old firm. pennsylvania ranks number 3 in equity deals, $45 million for 09 companies. >> reporter: halts off to pennsylvania. >> reporter: confess have been raised about how thomas duncan was able to get a visa i from liberia into the united states. it's reminders that uteen enforcement of u.s. immigration law as it exists on the books today could keep sternal dangers away from our -- external dangers away from our shores. >> you have to approve you have a job. >> you have to approve you're
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going back, and a lot of people suggest that was not the case for mr. duncan. >> that's it for inside story, we'll have another one for for u coming up one week ahead. have a good day down... lower... that's more like it! petsmart's prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food and save up to $8 on your favorite dog & cat food brands.
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>> announcstarting >> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- new this morning, the patient in dallas infected with ebola now in critical condition fighting for his life. as health officials scramble to contain the deadly disease, new concerns about how the hospital handled him. is the u.s. really prepared for an outbreak? our dr. besser is here just back from the hot zone. countdown to the midterms. just 30 days to go. what president obama said that has republicans pouncing. and can hillary clinton's barnstorming tip the balance in key states? plus, honoring our wounded warriors, the new memorial opening today for all those men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. our bob woodruff is there.


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